WCMC's Compass Unit Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Compass, White County Medical Center’s adult behavioral health unit at 1200 S. Main St., recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. The unit, which is designed for adults ages 18 to 64, opened in 2008 and specializes in treating those with a wide range of diagnoses including depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar and psychotic disorders.

Of the original 30 Compass team members, there are five associates and a physician who have worked in the unit since its opening. They include (as pictured) Compass Director Larry Bryant; Compass Clinical Director Myra Ring, RN; Sue Johnson, RN; Mental Health Technician Susan Sanders, CSA; Compass Medical Director Herman R. Clements II, M.D.; and Barbara Coleman, LPN.

“Our team of associates at Compass would like to thank the community of Searcy and all of our referral sources for entrusting in us in providing high quality behavioral health services to all of our patients and their families,” said Larry Bryant, Director of Compass. “We strive to be the number one provider of choice in the state of Arkansas for anyone in need of our services.”

Compass offers a combination of treatment, rehabilitation and care, as well as education for family members. Therapy is tailored to each patient’s emotional needs including one-on-one and group counseling, family sessions and activities. According to Bryant, Compass includes daily patient-driven community meetings where each patient is given the opportunity to give feedback about their treatment to their individual healthcare team.

“Their comments are written down with the expectation that there will be an action plan set,” Bryant explained. “We’ve learned that by giving patients an outlet on a frequent basis, it allows them to take ownership of their treatment, and it lets them know we want to care for them in the best way possible. Through these meetings, we can address any issues the patient may have; we want to prevent them from distractions as much as possible in order to help them recover.”

As the leading healthcare provider in a six-county area, White County Medical Center associates strive to improve the quality of health and well being for the communities it serves through compassionate care. White County Medical Center is the largest employer in a six-county area with more than 1,750 associates. The facility has a combined total of 438 licensed beds and a medical staff of 150 physicians that specialize in various areas of healthcare.