What does PRN mean?

Pro Re Nata (latin phrase) which means “as needed”

How long are jobs posted?

Until they are filled through external applicants or internal transfers all jobs remain posted.

When can I expect a call about my application?

Managers review the applications, narrow to the top candidates and contact as their schedules allow.

What is a CSA?

Clinical Support Associates work on the nursing units providing direct patient care under the supervision of licensed nurses.

Do I need my CNA(certification) for a CSA position?

Certification is preferred but experience can be substituted. We offer several classes annually.

What is a HUC?

The Health Unit Clerk works at the nursing station to assist in clerical duties and communications.

What is the starting salary of__________?

An associate in H.R. can quote a base rate, but due to other factors, no exact amount can be quoted until a full evaluation of experience and education is made by the hiring manager.

Do you hire new grads?

Yes, in fact we have some very good formal orientation to get new grads on board.

Can I use a resume to apply?

The application has a space where you can insert a resume or you can bring a copy to the interview.

Do you hire for summer jobs?

No. Our business is not seasonal. We do have some internships for professional programs.